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Iran calling (grand finale)

There we go with the grand finale of my interview upon Iran, taken from the web-radio programme Siee, Giuee, Accaso (in Italian). This time we’ll talk about transportation, neighbour countries and much, much more!

Iran calling (part two)

Here below the second part of my interview upon Iran, taken from the web-radio programme Siee, Giuee, Accaso. Still in Eyetie language, apologies to the non-Italian speakers… or a good way to learn it?

Iran calling (part one)

Here we go with the first part of a web-radio programme (Siee, Giuee, Accaso) in which I was interviewed about my journey to Iran (the interview is in Italian, sorry)

Legislation on Internet web sites

I don’t like to talk about politics. I’ll try to stick with the facts, then. There has been a lot of moaning about the bill on publications announced by the Italian Government (no English there, sorry) on requiring any blog and Internet journal (in law language, “any website with a purpose of information, education, dissemination […]

Last Party 2000

Let’s keep up this documentary trend! Last Party 2000 (US, 2001): a documentary featuring Philip Seymour Hoffman hitting the road and watching what’s going on in the months before the American elections of year 2000 (Al Gore vs. Bush). Many interesting things: seeing the film after seven years gave me the picture that is has […]


[lang_it]Ecco la ricetta del limoncello, il liquore “sudista” italiano, così come suggerita dal babbo Paolo. Ingredienti: 1 l di alcool etilico 4-6 bucce di limone (dipende dalle dimensioni dei limoni) 1,5 l di acqua 1 kg di zucchero Preparazione Si toglie la pelle dei limoni (la buccia sottile senza il bianco) e si mette a […]

Bloody Cartoons

Now it’s time for a documentary that was shown tonight on YLE2: Bloody Cartoons: what happened after the cartoons depicting the Islamic prophet Muhammad were published on a Danish newspaper? This documentary is based on the journey of a Danish journalist in several countries in Europe and the Middle East, interviewing the key people involved […]

Bo boo!

How to make a big boy happy: No, I don’t get money for this advertisement 🙂