Snus, snus, snus!

[lang_en]For a more objective analysis on snus, see Wikipedia.[/lang_en][lang_it]Per informazioni più accurate, vedi la voce snus su Wikipedia.[/lang_it][lang_fi]Lisätietoa nuuskasta löytyy Wikipediasta.[/lang_fi]

2 thoughts on “Snus, snus, snus!

  1. Mau

    Where did you find such a marvellous spot? And why are they broadcasting a spot for a product that is not allowed in the rest of Europe? Or is it? Or is it for the American buyers?

  2. Raffa Post author

    I found it on a Czech blog. Retailing snus in any EU country except Sweden is forbidden. But of course you are allowed to buy it (e.g. through internet) from a company which is placed in Sweden or outside the EU. And its use isn’t forbidden in any country (since it is just tobacco)

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