November rain

Nothing lasts forever, even cold November rain

Well, at the moment I should say November snow, since here the temperature has gone below zero, and doesn't even consider the possibility to get back on the plus side.

But the November rain I'm talking about is a feeling of darkness, gloominess, a late autumn which the weather is just a mirror of.

It's the feeling that shuts your heart, closes all your doors, and let you feel the silence inside.

Loneliness? Depression? Suicidal tendencies? Nothing like that. Maybe time to get soaked wet just to get a bit cleaner. And dry. As soon as the sun comes out.

One thought on “November rain

  1. Mau

    Here down in Italy Autumn it’s late to come. No rain, no cold. Just darkness, but sun and hot, it’s a strange november. And what about suicide? My two cents: kill yourself at the moment of death.

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