Air Guitar World Championship

Air Guitar World Championship This year is the tenth eleventh anniversary of the Air Guitar World Championship, which is organised in Oulu and whose main rule is: performing as a guitarist without a guitar. Yes, just like that.

Now, during the years, national competitions have been organised and the winners are given the chance to compete in the Oulu world final.

This year is the first year that Italy will take part to the competition. Actually there is also the Air Guitar Italy website. Professionally created by South Tyroleans, and only in German. Someone willing to translate it into Italian? Mä en valitettavasti puhu saksaa, ooops, I mean, tyvärr kan jag inte tyska, well, entschuldigung, ich spreche kein Deutsch, something like that.

The final will be the 8th of Septemper, 2006. Congratulations to the Italian winner, Christian "der Prettauer" Steinhauser, we'll see you the next week!