Sorriso come voi media esso?

The Killers I love The Killers. I like when they say "Well somebody told me / you had a boyfriend / who looks like a girlfriend / that I had in February of last year" (Somebody told me), or when they say "Now they’re going to bed / and my stomach is sick / and it’s all in my head / but she’s touching his chest / now, he takes off her dress / now, let me go" (Mr. Brightside). Their debut album, Hot Fuss, is really great.

Then I heard that they are going to release their second album and I decided to go and have a look at their web site to see when it'll be released, and I found a nice flash presentation where, as if it were an old Italian film, you read:

"Island records presenta… The Killers, SORRISO COME VOI MEDIA ESSO".

Yes, that's right. Well, not really right. That is just the literal translation of the title of one of their hits, Smile like you mean it. For not Italian speaking people, here is what that sentence really means: sorriso (smile, noun, not verb), come (as/like, that was right), voi (you, personal pronoun, second plural person, subject form), media (mean, yes, but in the mathematical meaning of average), esso (it, personal pronoun, third singular person, subject form).

That is: the smile as you average it (literally translated back to English, otherwise it just means nothing).

Now, apart from the fact that I've shown that I know a bit of grammar, the point is: with all the money they have made, couldn't they hire an Italian translator for those few words (for example me :))? They are not only famous in English speaking countries, are they?

Well, the new album will be soon released, and those words will be lost in space. And they're great, anyway 🙂

For those of you wondering what would be the right translation, here it is: "SORRIDI COME SE LO VOLESSI". Close match, in'it?

3 thoughts on “Sorriso come voi media esso?

  1. Mau

    That's quite funny! At the beginning, I didn't realize what you were talking about in your post and I thought you just turned mad. Then I visited The Killers web site and I started to laugh.

  2. Edo@links2

    WOW! That’s a google or babelfish’s translation. As Mau, I was thinking that you were gone crazy; but since I met you I am completely sure of that.


  3. PCrazy-Panu-P

    I have to admit it, the first album is really great! I bought it few days ago from the best music store in Helsinki, The Tunnelin levy. It is even better than the ones in viiskulma. Anyway, i had a chance to listen it through quite a few times while drivinf for six hours between Oulu and Rovaniemi. I like especially the opening track, since it has incredible bass line. The basist in that band seems to really be the soul, since his mark can be heard in every track. For me, it was once again a reminder of the importance of basist in a band. Maybe i should change the guitar…

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