Corporate live in Oulu!

NockRock posterYes, that's right. The famous (?) international band Corporate will perfom live in Oulu, at the NockRock festival in Uusi Seurahuone on Saturday 20.5.2006. More information here (in Finnish).

Here is the presentation of the band:

  • Kati Korento – vocals
  • Eero Saarijärvi – lead guitar
  • Pasi Korento – rythm guitar
  • Raffaello Tesi – bass
  • Matti Kinnunen – keyboards
  • Ashley Colley – drums

We'll perform covers of famous Finnish and English bands, that is, anything that rocks! 

We should play around 22.45. The entrance is free, so welcome everybody!Raffa singing at the NockRock gig

Well, I can also put the songlist:

  • Nylon Beat – Syytön
  • Kemopetrol – Goodbye
  • Jonna Tervomaa – Suunta muuttuu
  • Nylon Beat – Psykedeliaa
  • Egotrippi – Unihiekkaa
  • Indica – Ikuinen virta
  • Meredith Brooks – Bitch
  • Deep purple – Perfect strangers
  • Donna summer – Hot stuff
  • Deep purple – Black night

Update (21.5.2006): the gig was great! Lots of people dancing, fantastic! Thanks to all the people who came to see us!

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