Firefox, Thunderbird and the Mozilla mess

product-firefox.pngproduct-thunderbird.pngI gave up. Few weeks after my complaint about the Firefox affaire, I decided to switch from the Mozilla suite to Firefox (browser) and Thunderbird (mail, news and feed reader, version 1.0 just released). It seems the Mozilla suite will be released in 1.8 alpha versions for still a long time, before they will eventually decide to switch the whole SeaMonkey project to be Firefox and Thunderbird based and release Mozilla 2.0.
And what about the Mozilla Suite roadmap? No information about the future releases.
However, I still think that this is a temporary solution for me. On one side I have to recognise that Firefox and Thunderbird are definitely better (more developed) than Mozilla, but still, they are two different programs and I’m not used to it. Maybe my problems sound silly, but since the browser and the mail reader are the programs I use the most, it’s a big (and annoying) change. Just the shortcuts as an example:

  • They removed the ctrl-q shortcut (why???) in Firefox to close all the windows (only in Thunderbird it is still present, and of course, it closes only Thunderbird)
  • By pressing ctrl-n in Thunderbird you get a new compose-message window (in Mozilla you get a new browser window)
  • (related to the previous) I’m used to close all the browser windows when I don’t need them anymore and keep only the mail window open. Try to guess what I have to do now when I do that ūüôā
  • In Thunderbird, by right-clicking to a link in an e-mail, it’s not possible to choose “open in a new window” of the browser
  • Still in Thunderbird, there is no “Next-unread-message” button, neither “Mark-all button” (useful for the newsgroups)
  • In Firefox: why in the heck they have removed the shift-left click to perform the “save as” command?

Update: Just found a presentation directly from the Mozilla Developer Day 2004 called Mozilla 2.0: Roadmap and Directions. Well, the presentation doesn’t work… and it’s also with frames…