Weblogging with Pivot

Pivot logoPivot is a web-based tool to maintain dynamic sites, like weblogs or online journals. It is released under the GPL so it is completely free to use. It is written in PHP, and does not require additional libraries or databases to function. That is, you don’t need to install anything. Just download the installation files in your website and you are ready to go!

I’m currently developing a set of templates to be used with Pivot.
Here you can see the live result.
They are made in the same style of the IcyBlue template as originally designed by Neil Turner for Movable Type. I’ve just done some hacking to adjust them for Pivot.
As you might notice, there are still several bugs to be fixed. But as soon as I am a bit satisfied with my job (hopefully in a few days), I’ll release the code of the templates. However, if someone is interested in developing them, just let me know, we can share the duty!