Tromsø internasjonale film festival (2003 and 2004)


I have been in Tromsø three times in my life. The first one was back in 1995. We got there hitchhicking from Narvik. It was summer, it was warm and we were young. In the last two years I have been there for the Tromsø internasjonale film festival, a very good festival, with lots of films, and a lot of ice when walking out of the cinema.

Tromsø has been defined the Paris of the North by some unidentified (German) people. The place is lively and nice, although nobody speaks Finnish. Unbelievable, in’it? I had the duty to teach them some useful words, just not to feel unconfortable the next time they come to Finland to buy some good beer. So I told them that: – raastinrauta means “beer in bottle” – jakoavain means a “glass of wine” – puhun norjaa joka perjantai ilta means “I speak norwegian very well” I hope they’ll remember my good advices. If it wasn’t for us eteläläiset… Watch the pictures from Tromsø 15-18.1.2004 and from Tromsø 16-19.1.2003